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The Final Frontier?

No, not really, although on a Friday night it might sometimes seem like something very final. Space is actually a Drop-in Centre for the youth of Kinross who seem to have little else to do on a Friday night.

It is run by Kinross Christian Fellowship. There is no membership requirement, no entrance fee, all refreshments are also free as is the use of the many facilities on offer, from football to pool, basketball to crafts.

Space began life when the members of the Fellowship were challenged - directly and indirectly - by the words of Jackie Pullinger when she visited Clan Gathering in 2005. We, with others in the community, had some concerns about the litter and occasional vandalism occurring around Millbridge Hall. Rules and restrictions didn't seem to have much effect so we were challenged in two ways by Jackie: one, acts of kindness; and two, if God shows you something that needs doing, He's telling you to do it.

It has been a struggle at times, and occasionally a little disheartening, but with God's help and leading, and the love of Jesus Christ in our hearts - so necessary! - we've persevered and are seeing quiet results. (Although the biggest changes are in us, the staff!)

We are always looking for volunteers so if you're up for a really interesting Friday evening, contact Space

Alternatively, come along one evening about eight 'o clock and see for yourself. For more general info contact spaceinfo


Sometime ago, I began to introduce members of the staff, they have changed over the years but it will continue soon.