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Healing Rooms,
simply a place where people come to get Christian prayer for healing.

Since October 2007, Healing Rooms Scotland has had a presence in Kinross. It is held at the Millbridge Hall and is open every Thursday from 11.00 a.m. until 1.00 p.m.

The Fellowship is very involved with Healing Rooms and provides a team every Thursday. Peter is also co-director of Kinross Healing Rooms with Grace of The Vine, Dunfermline. The group is multi-denominational. Maria, Peter's original co-director, resigned in April 2010 due to personal family reasons. Grace is her very able replacement.

Since Healing Rooms opened in 2007 there been over 450 individual prayer sessions, and we have seen amazing results. Two of the many testimonies on file follow.

I came to Kinross Healing Rooms for prayer for a cancerous lesion on my right eyelid some weeks ago.  Meanwhile I had appointments to see an Eye Consultant and a date for an operation to cut out the lesion.
When I saw the Consultant I spoke to him about having prayer to heal the lesion.  He accepted what I said and advised me to cancel the operation if the lesion is healed!
The lesion actually got worse which challenged me greatly.  But I felt I had to keep declaring that God was going to remove it.  It took the whole day of choosing to believe that God does heal.
The next day the lesion came off as I was having a bath…….Praise God!
I was then able to cancel the operation. Anne-Morag

During the weekend I realised I had injured my back.  I was unable to pinpoint what had happened, but I was completely immobilised and in considerable pain.  I notified people in the Healing Rooms team that I needed prayer for healing.  On Sunday morning I felt fine, however, after a short time the pain returned coupled with nausea.  All day I was asking the Lord for complete healing knowing that healing is mine in Jesus’ name.  I continued to be in pain all day, the only relief I could get was to go to bed, which I did.  The next morning I was completely healed.  I was no longer doubled in pain; I could do everything I could not do the days before.
I give GOD ALL THE GLORY as his child and treasured possession – sickness and pain are not welcome in the Kingdom of Heaven which invaded my earth……..thanks be to GOD. X
I have since been to the doctor and he said that what I had described was a slipped disc – which would normally have been corrected by a chiropractor, but this time it was corrected by the King of Kings. Sarah

For more local information please contact Peter or Grace

For more general information about Healing Rooms Scotland, please visit the website Healing Rooms Scotland There you will also find more details about Kinross.

We pray you are in good health, but if not ....?