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Our Bible studies are informal - but we do take them very seriously! The Wednesday group is ecumenical in the truest sense and has been running for many years. We meet at various homes - which change monthly - on a very flexible rota to accommodate the needs of the members.

BS1Kinross Christian Fellowship

The format of our Wednesday study is very - unformatted! The group is not leader led, although the host will take overall responsibility for the evening. The study usually begins with general chat, quickly develops into opening prayers, and then into the study. The evening ends with a period of more 'specific' prayer followed by the ubiquitous refreshments.

Over the years we have covered most of the 'major books' of the Old Covenant, many of the 'minor'; walked through the Gospels, letters and missives of the New Covenant, and eventually plucked up the courage, 'girded up our loins' and tackled The Revelation of John. And what a joy it proved to be.

Presently we are coming to the end of Peter and will be embarking on the wonderful letters of John.

The Tuesday evening gruip which usually, but necessarily, meets at the home of Peter and Sheila has been studying Chritianity Explored, and is now looking at and enjoying, Discipleship Explored. Whatever your 'level' of the Christian faith, both courses are thoroughly recommended.

The Tuesday morning group, deals with basic seekers and, because of the difficulty in meeting 'nailed down' schedules, is now run on an ad hoc basis

However, the door is always open and contact is faithfully maintained.

Contact Peter for more information.