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Alpha courses running

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The Alpha course is designed primarily for people who aren't churchgoers and each course is open to everyone who would like to attend.

Guests attend for a wide variety of reasons - some want to investigate whether God exists; others are concerned about what happens after death. Some people have particular questions that they would like to discuss; others want to understand other peoples' beliefs or would like to explore what the purpose of life is. Many guests have never been to church, others may have attended church occasionally but feel they have never really understood the basics of the Christian faith.

It's great to see how Alpha has been used to reach people with the good news of Jesus Christ, who wouldn't normally come to church. Alpha is one of the most effective evangelism tools for the 21st century ... and is very complementary to helping seekers connect with The Purpose Driven Life."
Dr. Rick Warren.

I see Alpha as a strategic tool, sensitively crafted to address today's secularized seekers with satisfying answers to their spiritual hunger. I recommend Alpha to all pastors wanting to equip their people for new-millennium effectiveness in evangelism.
Jack W. Hayford.

If you'd like to no more about the Alpha Course, or want to know if it's for you, then you can contact Peter to find out if we will be running a course in the near future, or just for more information.

The second option is to contact Alisdair - now the area representative.

Or contact Alpha direct for any courses beginning soon in your area.


For news of any future courses

Contact Peter