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Sadly, very sadly indeed, at least for those who are temporarily left behind, in January this year Lionel passed to be with the LORD he loved so much. He is sorely missed, as a brother in Christ, an Elder of the Fellowship he also loved dearly, and as man I loved and relied on so much.

Sylvia now finds the house far too big and will be moving soon to a smaller place. However, the ladie's prayer meeting will continue at her house, and to the new one when she moves. Sunday morning at 8:30.

The men now meet every Saturday mornin gin the garage of 11 Morar Place at 8 a.m. Presently because of other happenings in the lives of those involved it has been very hitty missy recently, but should now continue on track for 2016

The members of Kinross Christian Fellowship believe that prayer is the engine room of faith, and we meet whenever we can.

If you belong to another Prayer Group in the area and would like a link on this page please contact prayer

For instance, Kinross Parish Church has a number of prayer meetings happening throughout the month. For details please access Parish Prayer

Although the Christian faith is founded on the Rock, our Lord Jesus, and is therefore unshakeable, the working out of that faith sometime needs readjusting and times and places will occasionally adapt - but there will always be plenty of notice.

If you want to know more please contact Peter