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Every two or three weeks we'll introduce a Staff Member of Space.

MargaretThis is Margaret's's Story

I wasn’t keen about helping at Space to begin with. I knew it was what the Lord wanted us to do as a Fellowship, but I was rather nervous of doing it. Like Helen I wasn’t sure I was being asked personally to do it. Being of a rather anxious personality, I felt swept along with the tide so to speak. I kept thinking more along negative lines about how things would pan out rather than being positive.

I must admit I actually enjoyed the first night and haven’t looked back since. I know the club has been good for the youth of the area, but surprisingly it’s also been good for us. We’ve all learned a lot about ourselves, and have gotten to know so many of the young folk around here. I love meeting them when I’m out and about. Before I never really spoke to any teenagers I met, like a lot of people I felt unsure around them. I love meeting them now when I’m out around the town. Once you get to know them they’re just wonderful people.

It’s been challenging but it’s also been very rewarding.